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"You are beautifully and wonderfully made! Never let anyone bring you down! Your blog is amazing and no one has the right to tell you how to run it. Keep on smiling sweetheart! :) Xx" by Anonymous

this is so sweet thank you! xx

Posted 3 hours ago by littlemix-styleblog.
"you are fat tho..." by Anonymous

lol no im not. how rude, little mix would be so disappointed in you

Posted 4 hours ago by littlemix-styleblog.

so much drama. tumblrs suppose to be fun, this is suppose to be a blog you should enjoy, you all ruin it.

"not trying to be rude here, i really love your blog and your work! but isnt this blog about style? why do you post so many irrelevant asks" by Anonymous

because im trying to defend myself. yes this blog is about style but you can blame my ANONS for the irrelevancy, theyre the ones who send in messages and make the biggest deal out of everything. im only defending myself. and anyways, i stopped, didnt i? im still getting messages about it but im just deleting them, so this questions just stupid. but thank you for saying you love my blog and work :) 

Posted 5 hours ago by typicallystyles.
"Did that anon seriously fucking say they didn't like you cause they thought you were big? What the hell. Whoever you are, I bet your parents would be so proud, huh?" by Anonymous

seriously! like how mature to insult someone on their looks smh

Posted 5 hours ago by typicallystyles.
"Wait I thought you had a multi fan one too? Or is this person I'm following and think is you not you? 0.0" by Anonymous

oh yeah i do have other blogs! i thought you mean style blogs, my bad haha. this is a side blog, so my main blog is typicallystyles! i also have a drawing blog and i co own littlemix-news. thats it tho! :) xx

Posted 5 hours ago by typicallystyles.

to the people who actually enjoy my blog, my anons are bitches and im only trying to defend myself, i wont clog your dashes anymore xx

"I've seen other blogs with people that have the same name as you, and I was wondering if you had any other blogs? I just wanted to see if any of them were you, hah." by Anonymous

i use to co own a jesy style blog, but im pretty sure the owner of that hasnt posted anything new so if thats what youre talking about, its me yeah haha. i dont co own it anymore. and besides that, nope! xx

Posted 6 hours ago by typicallystyles.
"Hello beautiful! I hope that you are wonderful day! Just a reminder that you are perfect :)" by Anonymous

this is sweet, thank you cutie :* xx

Posted 6 hours ago by typicallystyles.
"I love you But your really fat so...." by Anonymous

big suprise guys!!! not every human is a size 0. and i think i look fab

"i think youre awesome. you have the courage to actually answer anons and defend yourself, wow i wish i had confidence like you. when i got a hate message once i almost cried (ALMOST lol) youre incredible, dont listen to anyone bc theyre just jealous how awesome and popular you are xox" by Anonymous

Posted 6 hours ago by typicallystyles.
"you can't fight fire with fire" by Anonymous

of course i can bitch you aint got nothing on me

Posted 6 hours ago by typicallystyles.
"Fuck off with all of the questions or make an ask blog you're pissing me off this blog is meant to be for style" by Anonymous

tell that to my fucking anons like why are you blaming me

Posted 6 hours ago by typicallystyles.
"I'll have everyone here know I've sent several anon messages before, just simple question asking ones, and she has never been rude in any way.Ya'll are the rude ones." by lttlesos

exactly. i have the rudest anons in the world and they have the nerve to call me rude smh. thanks cutie :*

Posted 6 hours ago by typicallystyles.

i wouldnt have a bad attitude if i didnt get rude anons in the first place.. like what do you think makes me become rude? if you all werent so rude to me then i wouldnt have to defend myself.