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"Yeah I guess, I just think it's a tiny but suspicious that she has no likes and she usually gets as soon as she posts a picture, and it's scrolled down you get see her header or anything, but then again I really hope it's true! Hopefully x" by Anonymous

well keep in mind that picture is cropped, but idk. i think if someone were to edit it they wouldve been smart enough to put likes there to make it more believable. i found it suspicious with no likes too but who knows. i hope people do realize that they shouldnt get their hopes up but yeah idk x

"Tbh I like now little mix. They're ALL women. Not teenagers. So this one fits them perfectly" by Anonymous

wait what lol

"It's not true! At least I don't think, if you google 'colour xxl pink and purple' and scroll down the pictures a bit the same photo but scrolled out a bit is there, I reckon someone edited it. Cause I'm sure perrie would have some liked even by 1 minute x" by Anonymous

true… but i mean theres always the possibility that perrie posted that picture, you know? like she couldve looked it up and posted it and whatever. but yeah idk, i guess it depends whether its fake or not by who first posted it? like i found the picture through a twitter account. ya know? idek, theres always a chance it could be fake or whatever idk x

"have you ever thought about dying your hair like any one of the girls old hair colors ? and if so which girl and which color ?" by Anonymous

yes i have! and jades blue, there were a few times when my dark hair would look blue in the lighting and it made me think like heck yeah i could totally pull this off, and i still think i could pull off blue hair tbh :P xx

"Hey so I'm going to a 1d concert on the 17th and im freaking out because I have no clue what to wear! Do you have any advice?" by Anonymous
"Like I don't want to dye a whole new color then do highlights, for the highlights though I don't want too much of a crazy color. What kind of natural color do you think the girls might do?" by Anonymous

well depends which girl lol. like perrie would do a blonde jesy would do a brown, leigh would do black probs and jade would do a light brown, like how their hair is now x

"I hope the girls do go back to "colorful mix" I need my blue jade back with her wearing bows with every outfit and I need pink perrie back" by Anonymous

well the bows probably wont come back lol, but yeah i miss the colorful hair x

"Hey do you know anymore little mix style blogs? Its nothing wrong with yours but I was just wondering" by Anonymous

lol ok. littlemix-style, littlemixbydesign, dresslike-littlemix, alittlemixstyleworld, idk those are all the group ones i can think of. individual ones: perriedwardsfashion, jadethirlwall-style, leighannepinnock-fashion, jesynelsonclothes x

"I'm worried the colorful mix thing coming back is fake cuz I've been on Instagram a couple times this morning and I don't follow loads of people and I didn't catch any of those posts." by Anonymous

theres only one post, the other girls didnt post anything, just perrie. theres a post going around thats all the girls posted something but its fake. i think its true because earlier today on tumblr there was a little mix blog i follow who said “yeah she just deleted it!” and i didnt know what she was talking about but now i do, so that seems pretty legit like that person i follow clearly mustve saw the picture, ya know? she probably deleted quickly so it would make sense for you not to see it i guess x

"since your talking about hair, I have blonde hair (not bleach, but kinda in the middle, it's my natural.) I really wanna get highlights, how should I do them & what color? I don't wanna dye my natural color because it's already really thin & brittle" by Anonymous

i think the best way to get highlights is to just go to a professional. and i think the color is up to you! if you wanna get light color or darker color, or bright colors etc, thats your choice! but i dont really know what you mean when you say you dont wanna dye your natural color? x

"The girls probably have to be careful for their hair. Even if you use professional your hair can fall out real quick if you don't give it breaks. sometimes i wonder how demi does it so much, lol" by Anonymous

well they had a pretty long break. like perrie hasnt died her hair in like 8 months, leigh too. maybe even more idk. but idk how recent jesy and jade did it but im sure they had a big enough break. we dont even know if the other girls are dying their hair anyways x

"My guess is probably high lights but like ombré high light at the tips if that makes since" by Anonymous

ooo yeah thats a possibility too! x

"Since Perrie's hair is in the middle she should dye half of it one color and half of it another like Hayley Williams did!" by Anonymous

ooo yeah thats an interesting idea! that hayley williams hair is actually my favorite hair she ever did :P i love hayley so much. annywayyyysss i was thinking if shes gonna do two colors she might do either like a mix of the two or do like what she did last time with one on top and one on bottom? xx

"Imagine blue jade again 😍😍😍😍" by Anonymous

STAHP IT seriously blue jade was my favorite :)) i dont wanna get my hopes up though incase she doesnt dye it at all :/ x

"Haha it would be so awkward if perrie dyed her hair first and then they took a picture and everyone else has natural hair color lol!!" by Anonymous

omg but i really hope the other girls dye their hair tooo or at least jade. fingers crossed! but yeah that would be kinda funny haha x