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"I recently bought the 'ASOS Lace Insert Swing Dress' in cream and I don't know what to style it with :P Can you help me out? Thank you :)" by Anonymous

hi! cute dress :) i would say wear it with matching nude colored sandal heels, and leave it like that! the dress is quite stylish itself and you dont wanna over-do it xx

"hi i recently bought the grey "SLIM POCKET DETAIL COAT" from topshop and i was wondering how perrie would style it ? :) ( for wheater : fall-winter-ish,, im fine with crop tops ) thank you so much" by Anonymous

it reminds me of a coat perrie wore once! so these examples are just based off of things shes worn before, i suck at explaining things so if its confusing i can just give you the picture im basing them off of x

  • black crop top, tube skirt (black or lightly colored), sandal heels.
  • oversized creme sweater (almost like a dress), thigh socks, black docs
  • high waist blue jeans, black docs, black crop top, optional black scarf and black purse x

idk, hopefully those are helpful somewhat x

"(leather shorts anon) I can pretty much wear anything as long as it's not spaghetti string or strapless" by Anonymous

well there are lots of different things you can do with leather shorts, if you dont like these i can list more since theres so many options tbh. but im also quite bad at explaining things, so sorry if this is confusing. anyways:

  • jesy: black crop top, big boots, baseball button up tee styled jacket. im thinking of this outfit if youd like to just look x
  • perrie: black docs, belt, black muscle tee tucked in, or a colorful print crop tee
  • jade: white graphic tee tucked in, thigh socks, black trainers
  • leigh: oversized print sweater (tucked in or not), timberlands. im thinking of this if youd like to look x

like i said theres tons of different things you can do with leather shorts, i took all those examples off of outfits the girls have worn but like i said if you dont like them i can tell you other options x

"Being a apple shape does not make you round. You can be sized differently and still be apple shaped." by Anonymous

well fine then whatever

"Would you consider Jesy figure a apple shape? When your bigger up top and have smaller bottom half plus great legs?" by Anonymous

i googled it and no i dont think that fits her. it looks like apple shapes are more round and jesy is quite skinny x

"Hii! Can you let your followers know I'm selling a pair of leggings that are the same as Leigh's on eBay for only £3 + p&p! Unfortunately i can't submit the link because I'm on my phone but you can just type 231322287998 in the eBay search bar😘 love your acc! X" by duhmullingar

the link for anybody who wants them ^^^^ !!!

so ill be home tomorrow, but ill be finishing summer work tomorrow so i may or may not post. but after that everything will go back to normal xx

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"(this doesn't have to be an inspired) how would the girls style leather shorts for school? thanks so much love" by Anonymous

well thats kinda a hard question since i dont really know your school rules. can you wear crop tops or sleeveless shirts? x

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"Why do people give you such a hard time? Like you do a lot for us already they shouldn't be bitching to you." by Anonymous

ik seriously. thank you xxx

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"Who did you say did your header thing at the top?? You know the pic of the girls with your blog name??" by Anonymous

perrieleee x

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"when people ask for an outfit or a similar you say you aren't able to find/do. I think you just lazy" by Anonymous

or its because i looked it up and i couldnt find anything close to it. like shut the fuck up, even the anon herself said she couldnt find anything close to it

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"Hello I'm a new Jade and Perrie style blog and I was wondering if you can tell your followers to follow me ? xx." by jadeandperrie-style


"I agree with the anon that asked for the must have post but can you do that with all the girls and not only perrie?" by Anonymous

so wait you want inspired must haves or an exact?

"About the silver jumpsuit its okay I tried as well so its fine" by Anonymous

yeah sorry. hopefully youll find something similar in a store somewhere x

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"Inspiredd today? (:" by Anonymous

idk, my schedule is all mixed up since im in la. ill be back home tomorrow and can start postin normally again then. i did post 2 inspireds last night though if you haven seen xx

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