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im going to LA next week and out of all the exciting things to do in LA the thing im most excited for is shopping in Topshop :)))))

"What is the girl most famous in lm??" by Anonymous

probably perrie, for obvious reasons x

Posted 2 hours ago by littlemix-styleblog.
"Do you know where I could find a similar top of the AQ/AQ tease black sheer too that perrie has worn a few times?" by Anonymous

i tried looking it up and couldnt find anything close to it, i guess that shirts one of a kind ya know xx

Posted 2 hours ago by littlemix-styleblog.
"A really good place for those socks in the UK is Dorothy Perkins, they're really good quality and good value x" by Anonymous


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"Stealherstyle already found Jade's bow heels xx" by Anonymous

ok? x

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"For any one that was wanted to crop top that Leigh wore at Summer Sonic in Japan for a cheaper price there is one in forever 21 go to women tops cropped basics and its row one second picture :)" by jerrycream


thank you :)

"Where is that shirt that Perrie was wearing in the Salute photoshoot? It was like this denim tank top?" by Anonymous

topshop moto vintage denim bralet x

"I was wondering if you able to find jade's outfit at the osbourne show?" by Anonymous

no sorry x

"no, the ones she wore with the zara outfit, they're from office" by Anonymous

well then you shouldve said that lol, ill take a look later x

"leigh's shoes are from office" by Anonymous

ok x

"Why fifth harmony don't release their own album?" by Anonymous

why are you asking me lmao

apparently they have one coming soon idk x

"People are stupid. Do what you want. It is your blog. ;)))" by Anonymous

thanks sweetie :)

"Stop talking about fifth harmony" by Anonymous

i answered one message on them, and its not like i even brought it up myself, it was literally just a random anon. get over it.

"5h boss video has had its comments disabled because of all the hate, and the radio stations won't play boss as it mentions Michelle obama" by Anonymous

its sad how much hate they got for that tbh. and thats kinda weird… its not like theyre saying anything bad about her :/ x

New Picture of Perrie in Japan- August 19, 2014

Topshop Lucy Gladiator Sandals: $90

New Picture of Perrie in Japan- August 19, 2014

Topshop Lucy Gladiator Sandals: $90